Ȯra Lagos: Ọdịiche dị n'etiti nyochagharị

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!align="left" valign="top"|[[List of Nigerian states by date of statehood|Date Created]]
|colspan="2" valign="top"| [[27 MayMee]] [[1967]]
!align="left" valign="top"|[[List of Nigerian state capitals|Capital]]
!align="left" valign="top"|[[List of Nigerian states by area|Area]]
|colspan="2" valign="top"|3,345km345&nbsp;km²<ref>[http://www.lagosstate.gov.ng/about/about3.htm Lagos State Description - Lagos State Official Website]</ref><br />[[List of Nigerian states by area|Ranked 36th]]
|align="left" valign="top"|'''[[List of Nigerian states by population|Population]]''' <br /> 1991 Census <br /> 2006 est.
|align="left" valign="top"| [[List of Nigerian states by population|Ranked 2nd]]<br />5,873,666<br /> 9,013,534
'''Lagos State''' bu state no n'ime [[Naigeria]]. Isi ya bu [[Ikeja]]. Lagos State bu ala obere na obodo Naigeria, dika [[Kano State]]. [[Lagos]], obodo no n'ime ya nwere imerime madu, bu obodo ukwu nke abuo no na Naigeria.
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== Lee nke ozo ==
* [[Ora no na ime Naigeria]]
* [[Lagos]]
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