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Blossom Ozurumba, giving a closing note at the Wikimedia Conference 2017

Igbo: Aham bụ Nwa Ada Blossom Ozurumba. Obi dim ụto ebe ọdi ukwu. Agam agbali na akwalite odide asụsụ Igbo na Wikipedia. Udo diri unu.

English: My name is Blossom Ozurumba. My heart is full of joy. I will endeavor to support the creation of pages and articles in Igbo language on the Wikipedia platform. Peace.

Thanks to Olaniyan Olushola who invited me to the Wiki Loves Women/Women Inspired event held on Thursday, September 29th 2016, in Abuja, Nigeria, I am volunteering my time as an editor on Wikipedia with a focus on the Igbo Language Platform.

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